Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting New Patients?

Yes, we are always accepting New Patients.

Do you accept my insurance?
Most Likely Yes, we work with a lot of major and minor insurance carriers and we take the step further to verify your dental benefits before your first appointment so there are no surprises. We let you know what is covered at your first visit before you are sat in the chair. Call us today with your insurance benefit information and we will provide your covered benefits.
I do not have dental insurance or dental benefits; how can you help me?
We have a discount in office plan for our patients who do not have insurance, call us today for details.
Will I know how much my treatment costs before you start?
Yes, we will structure your treatment plan to maximize your dental benefits and we will provide you with a written treatment plan worksheet that shows your total cost of treatment.
Is dental insurance like medical insurance?
Unfortunately, No, dental benefits is the right term for dental insurance, your coverage depends on the plan you enrolled in and is not as comprehensive as medical insurance, and we are happy to go over your coverage with you and make it simple for you.
I know I need some dental work done but I do not have enough money now, do you offer payment plans?
? Yes, after your initial examination with the dentist we provide you with a treatment plan worksheet that breaks down the cost of your treatment and we offer various payment plan options for you to choose from.
Can I make appointments online?
Yes, you can go to our home page or new patients page and click on the tab request an appointment that will take you to our online appointment scheduling page where you can choose a date and time that works for you.
Do you offer Saturday and evening appointments?
Yes, we offer Saturday and evening appointments for our patients.
I am unable to take days off work to make a lot of appointments; can I get my treatment started the same day?
Yes, after we go over your treatment plan if everything is to your liking we can definitely start your treatment the same day.
I hear you offer same day one appointment crowns?
Yes, we have the Cerec Machine that enables us to provide our patients with crowns in one visit.
How can I prepare for my dental appointment?
For our new patients you can do your paper work online before your first visit and for our existing patients you can register on the patient portal and gain access to your records, treatment plans, existing appointments and account information.

Please direct all questions to us via email at or call us today on 704-918-5560 we look forward to speaking with you.