Dental Assistant

Concord, NC Dentist

Dental Assistant – Detailed Job Description

Job Title: Dental Assistant I or II

Reports to: Dentist

Vision of Practice: Empathy for our patients, providing the attention to detail to achieve excellence in our care for our patients

Vision/Ideal Outcomes of Position:
The dental assistant takes care of all the needs of our patients. S/he provides a calm and compassionate environment for patients and engages patients in conversation to monitor any concerns or motivations that may need to be addressed. S/he prepares patients for anesthetic, provides support during procedures, and captures all pertinent information in patient charts. S/he coordinates with the front office to ensure treatment rooms are properly stocked in advance of appointments and to ensure appropriate follow-up appointments are scheduled.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

  • Relationship building
  • Influencing and marketing
  • Computers and digital radiographs
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Verbal communication with patients and staff
  • Understanding of practice philosophy and systems
  • Self-direction
  • Creative problem solving
  • Organized charting
  • Clinical duties
  • Familiarity with instruments and procedures
  • Standards for disinfection and sterilization
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Scheduling and financial systems

Key performance standards/statistics:

  • Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Production goals achieved
  • Support of overall goals and strategies
  • Efficient procedure completion
  • Dental supply within plan
  • Room turnover rate within plan
  • 85% case acceptance for significant treatment
  • Referrals and testimonials leading to new patients
  • Positive patient reviews


Job Specific:

  • Digital radiographs
  • Intra-oral photographs
  • Preparing patients for treatments
  • Patient hygiene and nutritional information
  • Charting
  • Supporting doctor during procedures
  • Records maintenance
  • Disinfecting and sterilization of instruments
  • Stocking supplies
  • Follow up with lab cases
  • Notes, timelines, and treatment plan recording
  • Communicate and follow-up with consults and referrals, as needed
  • Proper disposal of biohazard
  • Ensuring nitrous and oxygen tanks are changed when needed


  • Communication with front office regarding treatment plan scheduling
  • Take initiative when practice is behind schedule or understaffed
  • Participate in all team meetings
  • Discuss any problems or successes from the previous day
  • Assist front office when needed, including:
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Submitting insurance pre-approval requests
  • Scanning and adding health history changes and specialist information
  • Shred duplicate or out of date health histories
  • Add alerts in e-records to update health histories
  • Make confirmation, consult, referral, or post-op calls
  • Assist hygienists with charting and other patient care tasks

Practice Management:

  • Ask for referrals/testimonials
  • Thank patients for their business
  • Review schedule for any special needs or areas of concern
  • Participate in continuing education to expand skills
  • Debrief and hand-off patients for proper billing and scheduling
  • Organize back office and lab areas
  • Manage clinical inventory

Equipment used (including, but not limited to):

  • Computer
  • Intra-oral camera
  • Digital x-rays
  • Blood pressure
  • Ultrasonic
  • Autoclave
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • CEREC CadCam
  • Cone-Beam imaging

Leadership/Self-Direction Responsibility:

The primary duty for all team members is patient care.

This description is intended as an outline of general daily, weekly, and monthly duties and expectations. Others may be added based on the needs of the practice. It is the policy of this office that if your duties are complete and free time remains, you must attempt to be of use in another area within your ability to do so.

We expect that you will perform any function asked of you. We will never ask you to do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.

Our vision for the practice to provide an atmosphere of continuous learning and mutual support. We work as a team to provide the utmost in patient care, and every patient and team member is to be valued and respected at all times.

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