Appointment and Financial Coordinator

Dentist in Concord, NC

Appointment and Financial Coordinator – Detailed Job Description

Job Title: Appointment and Financial Coordinator

Reports to: Dentist

Vision of Practice: Empathy for our patients, providing the attention to detail to achieve excellence in our care for our patients

Vision/Ideal Outcomes of Position: The Appointment and Financial Coordinator operates as the face and voice of our dental office. S/he is the first person our patients will speak to and meet. S/he coordinates all aspects of patient services starting from the first contact, including patient communication, appointment scheduling, claims filing, and payment plan assistance. S/he is responsible for filing the schedules for the doctor and hygienists in a balanced and efficient manner that meets the needs of the practice and our patients. S/he performs administrative, office, and computer input functions to maintain streamlined operations. S/he markets our practice and services through excellent verbal skills applied with patience and compassion.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

  • Relationship building
  • Influencing and marketing
  • Office management and equipment
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Verbal communication with patients and staff
  • Understanding of practice philosophy and systems
  • Self-direction

Key performance standards/statistics:

  • Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Collection goals achieved
  • Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Production goals achieved
  • Excellent written exit survey from patients regarding coordinator interactions
  • Support of overall goals and strategies
  • Ideal conversion percentage from 1st inquiry to appointment
  • No-show and cancellation less than 5%
  • Internal referrals generated from marketing efforts
  • Adherence to ideal scheduling template
  • 85% case acceptance for new patients, 90% for existing
  • Continuing care compliance


Job Specific:

  • Scheduling system implementation
  • Filling late cancellation or no-show appointments
  • Utilize effective courtesy calling to reinforce appointment time compliance
  • Effective scheduling for whole clinical team
  • Ongoing effective communication strategies
  • Records maintenance
  • Scheduling patients
  • Track case acceptance
  • File insurance claims
  • Discuss financial policies with patients
  • Develop payment plan options with patients
  • Monitor production and collection goals


  • Ensuring every team member has daily schedule
  • Cross training as appropriate
  • Participate in all team meetings
  • Discuss any problems or successes from the previous day

Practice Management:

  • Ask for referrals/testimonials
  • Thank patients for their business
  • Participate in social media strategies
  • Participate in continuing education to expand skills
  • Communicate with patients about life changing results you have seen

Equipment used (including, but not limited to):

  • Computer

Leadership/Self-Direction Responsibility:

The primary duty for all team members is patient care.

This description is intended as an outline of general daily, weekly, and monthly duties and expectations. Others may be added based on the needs of the practice. It is the policy of this office that if your duties are complete and free time remains, you must attempt to be of use in another area within your ability to do so.

We expect that you will perform any function asked of you. We will never ask you to do anything illegal, immoral, or unethical.

Our vision for the practice to provide an atmosphere of continuous learning and mutual support. We work as a team to provide the utmost in patient care, and every patient and team member is to be valued and respected at all times.

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